Track Records DS Box Art

Track Records DS Features

  • For home care, residential, and day service providers.
  • Implements scheduling, billing, and payroll as a unified, error-proofed process.
  • Manages and reports on employee training, overtime, and EEOC numbers.
  • Stores and tracks client health passports, risk assessments, and other records electronically.
  • Allows writing and reporting on electronic staff communication notes.
Track Records 1.6:1 Logo

Track Records Software is by providers, for providers.

Track Records DS and Track Records CM are powerful business management solutions for human service agencies.

The mission of our software is to reduce the time spent on administration so that providers may provide the maximum amount of direct service.

We understand your language, your needs, and your commitment. We want to help you celebrate the daily victories of your service staff while exceeding your mission’s expectations.

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Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail to see if Track Records is right for your organization.

Track Records CM Box Art

Track Records CM Features

  • For vocational rehabilitation, therapy, case management, assistive technology, and other service providers.
  • Manages and provides overviews of client intake, upkeep, and exit processes.
  • Tracks fund raising, purchases, inventory, loans, and employee benefits.
  • Generates reports for clients served and other outcome measures.
  • The full version of Track Records. Includes Track Records DS.

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