Becky Lewis

VP of Client Services

We no longer have to hire another person to help with our increasing caseload. Our caseload doubled, in fact, but with Track Records, our current staffing size continued to meet our needs!

As far as payroll is concerned, I used to have to enter information twice. That duplication led to a time delay in getting reimbursed from the state. Now, with [Track Records DS], with one simple click I can confirm a schedule and it’s in the system and off to payroll and billing at the same time.

It is very easy to use the scheduling functions with this software. I’m able to set up schedules in different windows. I can look at client coverage or I can look at staff lists. I’m able to look at any scheduling component based on my needs for that particular day and it is very easy to set up.

Before Track Records, I would enter client demographics and save that information (in Excel). I’d later have to remember where I saved that file. I also used to print out information on a client for each CAN that was working. I had a binder where I kept all of my information and I had to often waste time trying to remember which section of the binder the info I needed was kept. Now, I can just go into the program, type in the client’s name, and all pertinent information is right there at my fingertips. I can also print out the comments section in [Track Records DS] where all of that info is kept in one place and it can be printed all on one page. With Track Records, I can type in a client’s name and all of the information I need is there… without ever having left my seat!

A typical Friday morning for me involves scheduling and confirming shifts. That process has gotten much easier with Track Records and it now only takes me 15 minutes to look over a service form, confirm that the work has been done, and with one click, that information is sent to two different departments. Before our Track Records implementation, I would have to look over the form, manually count up the hours, add them into an Excel spreadsheet, and then call the payroll department to let them know I was about to e-mail something. I’d have to do the same thing for the billing department. Now, it’s a very easy transition to share information with each department with minimal effort.

I use Track Records to create reports that help me check for unconfirmed shifts. These reports save me time and help highlight any missed visits as well as double-check the accuracy of worked hours.

Daryll McGuire

VP, Operations

As a service provider, we were billing roughly $100,000 worth of services per month, with a staff of 12 and a client base of 20. We were inundated with tedious procedures each month during the billing cycle. During this billing period, the combined efforts of seven administrative personnel were required to assemble the necessary data essential to perform the billing. A full four and a half days, poring through countless paper-based documents, binders and files, were taken out of normal productivity and were earmarked solely for compiling the billing information. Often, working from home for at least three hours per night was a regular part of this billing process.

Intangibles such as stress, verifying phone calls, sleepless nights & regular pages via the public address system were the standard during this crunch period. In hindsight, it became apparent that these intangibles contributed significantly to filing mistakes, data entry errors, bad work relations and poor morale. With the implementation of Track Records’ billing component, billing time was reduced to four and a half hours. Three of these hours are spent by one administrative assistant performing tasks that require minimal computer skill sets.

Copying and pasting appropriate billing data directly into the [Tennessee DIDD] online billing page is that person’s primary duty. Upon completion of this step, the director of this department then spends approximately one hour comparing expected billing totals to the actual billing totals. Eventually, through normal turnover, this department diminished to a staff of 8 but our client base increased to 40. Billing subsequently ramped up to over $200,000 per month. More clients, with fewer staff, in less time, with greater income, greatly befitted our business with the help of Track Records software.

Deborah McPeake


Track Records gives us a great checks-and-balances system that allows us to bill correctly and enter the correct business units are small company uses. Track Records allows multiple users to access its real-time data concurrently. If someone is entering information into the Track Records database, I have immediate access. Before Track Records, billing usually took us half of a day and now it is completed within one hour. Track Records has streamlined the billing process tremendously!



Executive Director

Our agency provided services to 15 individuals with developmental disabilities in their homes. We were at maximum capacity with 4 administrative staff members. The cumbersome tasks of scheduling services, paying the service providers, reviewing case notes and comparing them to time sheets, and billing for services took every minute of every workday, and frequently spilled over into necessary overtime just to complete the tasks. I wanted to bill much more than the current $50,000 a month, but there was no question that adding even one client was impossible. It became obvious that we needed a tool that would help our agency become more efficient and profitable.

By utilizing Track Records Software, our agency began scheduling clients and service providers in a fraction of the time it was taking before. Compiling billing information no longer took days on end and the administrative staff stopped rushing to complete billing before the deadline – it was all done during the first available billing day. Managers stopped working overtime and through lunch hours to complete payroll. Our agency quickly began to free up hours that were previously spent frantically collecting information. Within one year, our agency doubled its caseload and is currently billing about $100,000 a month – all without hiring any additional administrative staff members. Track Records freed up so much time that our staff members are now able to accomplish former duties as well as the additional work generated through the acquisition of new clients. All of this productivity is done without the need for overtime!

I am now able to compare scheduled shifts to cost plan hours in order to make sure that no client is being served without the appropriate state approval. I can view all scheduled staff shifts in advance to see who is scheduled for overtime and correct that situation BEFORE it happens. I can also quickly view reports to determine the profitability of each service and I can view not only what is really happening in the business, but what WILL happen in the business.

I rest easy knowing that deadlines will easily be met and staff members are happy because they are not overworked. Our agency will continue to use Track Records to manage the administrative tasks that are unavoidable in this market. As Track Records software continues to help our agency become more efficient, we will continue to grow in size and profitability.

Christy Cochran

Associate Director

I love having information right at my fingertips. When I first began working at Madison Haywood Developmental Services, we had no less than 20 spreadsheets that we used to maintain info. The Track Records software has streamlined everything into one centralized point to where we have it all in one location. It makes sense; it’s purposeful and we no longer have spreadsheets. I can’t say that enough… we have no spreadsheets!

Since we implemented the Track Records system, the amount of paperwork we’ve had has been significantly decreased. All of the info we monitor on a day-to-day basis is electronic now and is on the TR system. There is no need to have piles of paper any longer.

One of our objectives that Track Records met involved addressing our need for client record access. We need to pull records to look at medial issues, behavioral issues, and many other reasons. The ability to do this in Track Records is very easy! From site-to-site, we can pull up information that is accurate and up-to-date in less than two seconds. I can look at a client’s entire file in another county, for example, and I have that info to review immediately. I can now use and review that information as a supervisory tool. Before Track Records, I have had up to 20 piles of paper in my office at any given time. Now, I have one small pile of paper and that is due directly to the efficiencies within the Track Records software.

The billing process, pre-Track Records, was nothing less than a monster. It was a month-long process to do the billing and to submit info to the state for our reimbursement. The Track Records system, however, makes it so easy to go in and confirm clients’ schedules which, in turn, create our billing documents. What used to be a month-long process has turned into a day-long process. Prior to having Track Records, someone in a director-level position and I completed the billing each month. It consumed all of our time. We had little to no time to spend on supervisory or directing our departments. Now, the ease of Track Records means we can delegate our billing to an administrative support person so that they can enter the data. At the end of the month, we can utilize our role as directors to review the billing info and not waste time performing administrative tasks.

Track Records does so many things in addition to billing. Once you’ve confirmed a client’s schedule, Track Records also creates a financial report for review that we use frequently. Now I’m looking at reports for all of our departments, what their revenue is, and what the costs of those departments are in the context of the overall budget of our agency. You’ve got a beautifully completed report at the end that shows who was working where, for how many hours, how many overtime hours people are going to be working, and the software gives you an opportunity to budget for the entire year if you wanted to at one time.

There are so many reports on Track Records such as the Attached Staff reports. We have so many employees and case loads that it is hard to keep up with who has got whom at any given point in the month. Track Records allows for anyone at any site. Right now we have an administrative support person in our Hardeman County office. Even though she knows no one in our Jackson (Madison County) office, she can pull up that Attached Staff report and she can submit ISPs and client documents to the people that need to get that particular information. That process used to be a job I did because I was one who knew who needed to receive these documents. With Track Records’ Attached Staff report, you’ll know everyone involved in that client’s life and be able to communicate with those people.

I’ve been amazed at the speed involved in learning the Track Records software. It does so much and it’s so easy. I call it “Dummy Proof” because you can push a button and the system would tell you, for example, that a particular person couldn’t be scheduled because they’re already scheduled or a room can’t be scheduled because it is already booked. The thing I like best about the schedules are the flags it gives you when there is any type of scheduling conflict. Errors are more likely to happen with human data entry but are virtually eliminated with the Track Records software.

The TR system has made people in our business accountable for things such as overtime. Now, if overtime is scheduled, it is on purpose and not by accident. When someone puts their schedule into Track Records and there is a supervisor that’s running that report once a month or once a week, he or she can forecast overtime costs. These costs are now purposeful and not accidental anymore. It’s not stuff you find on the backend of payroll… instead, they’re expenses you schedule and expect on the front end.

Before Track Records, we didn’t have a good system for projecting revenue. Now, we can actually take real data and project out what the budget should look like based on schedules. TR has allowed us to compile info through our accountant and through each department and has a step above where we can look at budgets per site. With our 60 residential sites, something that is important to us is the ability to look at each site’s revenue versus cost. We can pull that info for any time period. We can look at it as a projection or we can look at it through a previous month and all of this is accomplished with real data. The data shows what employees actually worked or what they’re projected to work and that helps us accurately forecast what our spending will look like.

It is key for our business to provide excellent quality services to the people we serve. Track Records has given us time to work more with our clients in person as opposed to doing so with paper. The reports, the data tracking capabilities, and the other functions have now been reflected in the job descriptions of all of our employees. The delegation of tasks is now more appropriate for our business and has allowed our employees o be more hands on as needed.

Being able to track the training and having specialized plans for each client is another great benefit. Track Records has helped us increase our training efficiency where our people are getting trained in a timely manner. We operate a staff of over 400. Trying to keep up with such a large group on Excel spreadsheets was not very effective or efficient and cost our company a lot of money!

The Track Records support team is one of the best I’ve ever worked with as far as customer service goes. There hasn’t been a time that I’ve called the TR support team that they have not gotten back in touch with me that same day. It’s not unusual for me to get a response to my e-mail within minutes. The support team is quick, they’re readily available, and I’ve never contacted them and not had someone get back in touch with me.

Nancy Riggs

Director, Human Resources

Track Records makes things so much easier. Information is accurate, up-to-date, and instant! Our executive director used to come to me once a month to collect information he would share with the board. He would need information about turnover rates, new hires, number of terminations and reasons behind all terminations. Now he is able to pull that report on his own and it is in a very good format. Before Track Records, I used to put this same information in spreadsheets. It took me a while to figure out the ratios and Track Records has now eliminated that burden. Pertinent info can now be sorted by location, agency, residential classification, or by departments and now our executive director has info any way he wants it!

Track Records makes changing or updating client information easy, intuitive, and safe. I can look up a telephone number, for example, if I need to talk about a benefit or recent development. Maybe it’s time to update the record for a client’s child who has just turned 19 and needs to be taken off of the insurance. I would call them up since I have easy access to their telephone number, social security numbers, anything about them that I need to know is right there at my fingertips.


Director, Human Services Nationwide Non-Profit Organization

We do all of our scheduling for ALL of our clients and staff for one month in only 4 hours using Track Records. What used to take 16 hours each month has been reduced by 75%! Track Records makes scheduling 4 times faster for our company!

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