Track Records CM

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Track Records CM is primarily intended for agencies that provide vocational rehabilitation, therapeutic, assistive technology, and other human services. It features powerful reporting primarily focused on client intake, upkeep, documentation, and outcomes.

Track Records DS is also included free of charge with any purchase. All features included in Track Records DS are included with Track Records CM.

Client Case Management

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Track Records CM helps ensure that people in need receive the services your agency provides.

  1. Track Records CM notifies staff of new client referrals or applications.
  2. Staff can easily review their caseloads at any time.
  3. Evaluations have a step-by-step process to ensure timely completion.
  4. The Attendance Tool can quickly document attendance and daily notes.
  5. Monthly and Quarterly reports can be written and e-mailed to stakeholders.

Outcome Measurements

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The reporting features of Track Records CM are heavily focused on the ability to report to the public, assist in grant writing, and ensure quality service.

  1. The percent of clients completing their goals can be easily reported.
  2. Job Placement success rates and follow-up can be tracked.
  3. The number of clients served can be counted by over 25 factors.
    • For example: program, county, disability type, household income, etc.
  4. Hours of effort and the number of individual services can be reported.
  5. Reports can refer to supporting information to ensure accurate numbers.

Administrative Tools

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The mission of our software is to reduce the time spent on administration so that providers may provide the maximum amount of direct service.

  1. Sick time, vacation time, and other benefits for employees can be managed.
  2. Employees can look up their benefits at any time and for future dates.
  3. Managers and directors are given “bird’s eye views” of their departments.
  4. Reports of service volume trends are available to assist with budgeting.
  5. Service timeliness and other KPI’s can be quickly reported upon.

Fundraising and Development

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Track Records CM includes the ability to track donations and pledges, as well as to keep in touch with the people and agencies that have made donations and pledges.

  1. Information on donors and potential donors is quickly retrievable.
  2. Donations can be quickly entered to create thank you letters.
  3. Pledges can be reported on and maintained for collection purposes.
  4. E-mail, phone numbers, and addresses can be reported and exported.
  5. Donor referral sources can be reported to gauge outreach effectiveness.

Inventory and Purchase Orders

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Track Records CM includes the ability to procure and maintain equipment, as well as track and approve expenses.

  1. The purchase order system can help ensure all expenditures are approved.
  2. Purchase orders can link to accounts to maintain budgetary discipline.
  3. Purchase orders are moved along to ensure timely purchasing.
  4. Inventory information can be maintained and searched for.
  5. Equipment loans can be tracked to ensure a timely return.

Other Features

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Other features include but are not limited to:

  1. Everything from meetings to client services can be scheduled.
  2. A queue-based ticketing system can be used to make cross-department requests.
  3. Outreach and other group events can be tracked.
  4. Local resources can be searched to refer to other agencies.
  5. Volunteer rosters and time can be tracked, and badges can be printed.

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