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Track Records DS is software for home care, residential / supported living service, and day service providers. Our software provides scheduling, billing, and payroll as a unified, error-proofed process. Our mission is to reduce time spent on administration so that providers may provide the maximum amount of direct service.

Client and staff information can also be maintained to ensure compliance. Flexible reporting is available to ensure service quality and streamline operations.


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The majority of work in Track Records DS is done simply by entering in staff schedules.

  1. Views are available to print staff schedules and ensure a home is properly staffed.
  2. Double-booking is prevented by the system.
  3. Overtime and payroll can be previewed when schedules are entered.
  4. Payroll information is generated simply by confirming the schedule as worked.


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Track Records DS ensures accurate payroll reporting available at any time for any pay period.

  1. Employees without hours can be reviewed to ensure that payroll is accurate.
  2. Custom rules can be set for overtime, holiday pay, and other elements.
  3. Staff pay rates can be set for any period of time or for any service.
  4. Payroll and billing information can be used to review gross profit for each service.


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Billing for home care, residential / supported living, and day services is built-in.

  1. Billing is automatically calculated for home care services based on staff hours.
  2. Residential/Supported Living billing is done from a simple calendar form.
  3. Day Services billing will automatically choose the codes based on client hours.
  4. Flexible options are available for rates, rounding, and unit types.
  5. Billing information can be copied and pasted to online billing sites.
    • For example, the DIDD payment processing system.

Client Information

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Track Records DS allows you to keep contact information, demographic information, photos, files, and associations for the individuals you serve.

  1. Clients information can be retrieved by searching for a name, DOB, or SSN.
  2. Risk assessment and health passport forms are provided.
  3. Client records for needed reviews, such as an annual physical, can be tracked.
  4. Files can be uploaded on a per-client basis.
  5. Attendance can be reviewed for day and residential services.

Staff Information

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Track Records DS helps keep your agency compliant with requirements and reporting.

  1. Track Records DS helps ensure that all employee trainings are up to date.
  2. Employees can be searched by distance to find substitutes for a client’s home.
  3. Employee demographic statistics are reportable, such as for EEOC reports.
  4. Access Control Lists can ensure that employee information is confidential to users.

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